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Pleasure palace

Golden Palace casino is keeping pace with the frontrunners in online casinos with their implementation of live croupiers. Maria Pierides discovers that the world of live casino really is at your fingertips

Golden Palace is more GoldenEye than anything, bringing a real James Bond feel to the casino. One can’t help but head straight towards the live baccarat lobby, which is usually full to the brim with players wanting to step into the secret agent’s shoes. Having witnessed ‘007’ indulge in a spot of baccarat in films like Dr No, Thunderball, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and GoldenEye, it’s natural for players to want to channel Bond and try their hand at the game too. If you’re really feeling like a smooth operator, perhaps the VIP baccarat would be better suited, as mingling with the high rollers is part of Bond’s signature style.

Even though playing one-on-one against the dealer, the other players are visible in the baccarat game; this is why there are a multitude of different rooms in the lobby, because as you can imagine, rooms of a seven-player capacity causes the need for many rooms of their kind – this adds to the real-casino simulation. Of course, all of the rooms still correlate to the same game and dealer.

The live roulette, however, only shows the player and the live croupier, even though there may well be other players in the virtual room. As the players aren’t visible, there is only need for one room per dealer, though there may be other roulette games going on at the same time with different dealers, again, like a real casino. Player interaction, even in the simple form of a chat bar, as is common in most bingo sites however, would give the experience a little more pizzazz.

The rest of the table and card games, with or without live dealers, are just as good if not better than some of their competitors, although the ‘live dealer’ experience is worth prioritising over other games, for our money at least.

The customer service is just as is expected of a golden palace, as is the security; not even registering a card under a different name (legit or not) will slide, so it’s clear to see they strive to provide a safe and pleasant environment to attract real money players, in the hope that they’ll come back.

To find a flaw in the casino, one would need to look at the software; although there is a handy option to play the casino on the site to save time, downloading it will fare you better in the long run as it can sometimes be a jolted, unsatisfying experience – especially when fighting an endless battle with pop-ups and pop-up blockers. The transition from fun play to real money could easily be smoother – there is little need to have two separate accounts, which can get confusing as well as tiresome for the player, especially if they use one account to learn the games and the other to put their skills into practice for real money. Additionally, if we’re being pernickety, the live dealer feeds could be a tad sharper to really accentuate the live casino feel.

Another way for Golden Palace to enhance the real-life experience would be to enable players to maximise the game window so they can immerse themselves in the game fully without the distraction of anything else on their desktop. Although only minor suggestions, they would really assist in making a really good gaming experience even better.

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