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Virtually at the tables

Our resident casino writer Lia Louis is as bright and bubbly as ever this month as she explores the world of PKR Casino and it’s rather fancypants 3D roulette

When PKR first launched, it was welcomed with open and excited arms as the first 3D poker site that invited you to engage in poker games that were as real as they could get from the comfort of your own home. PKR allow you to create your own avatar – something that slightly resembles a Sims character – and you’re able to customize everything, from eye colour, to accent. This is merely the start of their ‘virtual reality’ style poker software, as once you have created your virtual doppelganger, you can go and sit at virtual tables and make virtual gestures to your opponents, which means you can even be a grade A bluffer by hitting a button.

With such an impressive poker section, I was excited to explore the delights that PKR Casino had to offer, and although 3D Roulette isn’t strictly on the actual PKR Casino part of the site, this little gem is too good to not mention and will undoubtedly impress casino fans.

Available via pressing Play in the PKR lobby, 3D Roulette is a beautifully constructed game, and upon launching it, I will admit the word ‘wow’ fell out of my mouth. You are first greeted by your realistic animated character lounging in a chair opposite a patiently waiting animated dealer, and after selecting how many chips you’d like to bring to the table, the computer smoothly zooms in to give a birds-eye view of the 3D roulette table.

You can choose to play from just 10c to a more hefty $100 per bet, and making bets on your numbers is as straight forward as it gets – just simply click on your desired numbers and your bets are secured.

The most entertaining part of PKR’s 3D Roulette is once the Spin button has been pressed. In less than a second, your eyes are treated to the futuristic spin of the roulette wheel. The animated dealer leans in and gives the wheel a gentle push before adding the roulette ball, and suddenly your entire screen is filled with the spinning wheel – a bright, clear, true-to-life construction.

Another wonderful little feature that makes this all the more true to life will only become apparent when you have played more than once. After clicking spin, you’ll notice that the camera angles differ. Sometimes your character’s hopeful face is seen eyeing the wheel, other angles show nothing but the dealer’s hand placing the ball in and other times, you’ll see it from the dealer’s point of view.

With the smooth, realistic moving of the ball, the clean spinning of the roulette wheel and the intricate authenticity of the surroundings, PKR’s 3D roulette offers something that even the most hard to impress gambler will get a joyful kick out of.

Jumping over to PKR Casino, this modest online casino starts you off in a simple 3D designed lobby, with a background image that features everything you’d find in a casino anywhere in the world. Smartly dressed croupiers, roulette and card tables, people propping up the bar and gamblers spinning on slot machines. The lobby indubitably sums up every game and feature available within PKR Casino within one image, but the backdrop is as 3D and realistic as playing here gets – this however, doesn’t entirely hold it back.

When it comes to navigation at PKR Casino, it’s all very straight forward, with simple and clean labelled sections revealing themselves when the Games link at the bottom is clicked, and it’s instantly clear that PKR have spent a lot of time replenishing their slot game portion of the site. When the Slot Games title is hovered over, a list of different slot styles pop out, which makes finding a game you’ll enjoy quick and effortless.

Beach Life is an uncomplicated but dazzling slot game that can be found under the most fruitfully stocked section, ’20-Line Slot Games’, and comes with the added features of a scatter symbol and a bonus feature. A slot game thoroughly soaked in bright, summery colours, Beach Life is packed with plainly drawn icons of ice-lollies, beach babes and sand castles and brings with it a juicy jackpot of well over $180,000.

Beach Life works like most 20-line slot games do, with scatter wins paying every time two or more of their icons are spun anywhere on the board, and you’ll be rocketed straight to a bonus round where mystery wins will be greeted with a random multiplier when three or more bonus icons are spun on a pay line. Payouts are also extremely reasonable. Two surfer dudes will grab you a modest amount of your stake back, whereas five wilds on the 20th pay line will bring home that staggering progressive jackpot.

Of course, 20-line slot games with dirty great jackpots are always going to be popular, but if you’re a casino player that likes to max out on pay lines without damaging your balance too much, then a nine-line slot game may tickle your fancy – especially if you’re into sword wielding ninjas and glittering geishas!

Silent Samurai is a nine-line slot game with a diverse range of stake amounts and an easy-to-trigger bonus round. An oriental themed slot with matching background music, Silent Samurai can be played from a miniscule price of 1c a spin, meaning you can bet max for a more than frugal 9c a spin. If you have more cash to spare though, you can leap to the opposite end of the scale and play for $50 a line, and it’s this fact that truly proves PKR Casino accommodates every kind of casino player, whether it’s the $10 a month careful gambler, or the serious high roller after thousands of pounds to line his pockets.

Silent Samurai is a simple but elegant running slot game, donning glistening icons of golden dragons, Oriental script and ninja stars and by spinning the images of the Silent Samurai himself on both the first and last reel, you’ll launch the highly enjoyable and rewarding free spin bonus round. After selecting numerous ninja animations to slay, you’ll be rewarded random multipliers and free spin amounts one after the other until you’ve either stumbled across the pesky ‘evil ninja’ who declares that the game is over, or you have successfully eliminated all of ninjas. It’s when that part of the game is over that your free spins will play out automatically. If you’re lucky enough to reveal the top eight-times multiplier, you could scoop a whopping 40,000 times your stake by spinning five dragons during your stint of free spins, which is enough to get anyone rubbing their hands together, regardless of whether you’re spinning cents or dollars.

At PKR Casino, it’s refreshing to see that it’s not just slots that come with thrilling progressive jackpots and diverse stake amounts, as their sumptuous money-crammed Progressive Blackjack is one that will excite Blackjack buffs everywhere. Giving you the option to play single player or five-hand, Progressive Blackjack launches a swanky but practical virtual Blackjack table where you can choose to play from $1 to $1000 per bet by easily clicking the correct chip. This straightforward and entertaining game is currently home to a progressive jackpot that is bursting at the seams at $237,000, and can be seized by turning four aces in a hand.

PKR is an assorted cocktail of seducing progressive jackpots, low stake options, lavish games and all-round gratifying entertainment, and yes, there may be better online casinos out there, but PKR know exactly what to do in order to stand out from the ever-growing crowd of competitors.

PKR Casino is live-and-kicking proof that you no longer have to bet big, to win big.

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