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On the flipside

A new type of betting exchange is offering players the chance to double their money on the toss of a coin, for as big or small a stake as they like. Gareth Bracken has been getting himself in a spin

The simple coin flip is one of the purest forms of gambling; a 50/50 chance between two players with no house edge or outside factors. One’s faith – and indeed money – is invested wholly in one of two sides, both with an equal likelihood of coming good. Those old schoolyard phrases spring to mind and the questions arise: Should you always dread heads? Do tails never fail? Well now you can find out with a brand new online game.

SpinAcoin is a website that allows players to bet on virtual coin flips. You stake the amount of your choice on heads or tails in a winner-takes-all contest. Players can back or lay either side of the coin, essentially making the website a type of betting exchange. As long as your bet is matched by a fellow player a flip will follow and the result will appear on screen.

The exchange element of the site means you’re never playing against the house, something may be quite reassuring for those players who remain suspicious – usually for no valid reason – of online casinos. Most casinos worth their salt are properly audited, but the distrust remains among a minority. But even they will appreciate this site.

The minimum bet is £1 so there’s no need for a big bankroll either, though higher-rollers will probably be more interested in something closer to the £500 ceiling. If you are a bigger player but can’t find someone to match your bet, don’t worry, you can elect to accept smaller amounts that don’t meet your whole stake. Even though there isn’t a house edge, the website takes a 5% cut of any bet return amounts, i.e. winnings. Aside from that the site is essentially a facilitator and adjudicator, matching bets wherever possible, getting that coin in the air and then announcing the result.

The game is obviously one of luck and that increases the thrill factor. Like a poker player who goes all-in, you find yourself in an all-or-nothing situation. Get lucky and you’ll double up again and again, increasing your bankroll vastly in a small space of time. The key then is to realise when you’re ahead of the 50/50 chance the game offers. Once you find yourself in this position you can begin to think more strategically about how much more you want to stake or what point you want to reach before you rake in your winnings.

For those who fancy having a rest from mind-taxing skill games, or who simply don’t feel that they’re getting any decent breaks on their sports betting endeavours, SpinAcoin is a perfect source of controlled, enjoyable chance gambling. Get lucky and you could be ‘quids-in’, to coin a phrase.

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