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Strange times

Another downright silly bundle of specials this month, as Reece Brown muses on sexy ladies, scary aliens and the poker legend who’ll earn $1 million if he gives up meat for a year


This one is for those of you out there who have trouble fitting all that extra cash into your wallet.

After recent ‘sightings’ of possible extra terrestrials in the UK, Paddy Power have opted to open a book on which country will be the first to officially come into contact with our friends from outer space.

After the reported sighting in Dublin earlier this year, Ireland has emerged as early favourite to be the first nation to make alien contact. You can place a bet on them at 9/4. Next favourites are the USA at 3/1 followed by Russia at 5/1. According to the bookies there seems to be some kind of anti-alien vibe in the air in England hence them putting us at a longer 8/1. Shame really.

The small print on this bet states that contact must be confirmed by a head of state in order for the book to close.

In that case be sure to put your bet receipt somewhere safe as it could take anywhere between one day and never to collect your winnings.


It’s that time of the year again. The sun is emerging from its winter break, the days are getting longer, the birds are singing and the FHM Sexiest Women awards are upon us.

This year’s competition will go down as ‘the battle of the cheated’. Their husbands may be blind to their beauty but not the British public. According to bookies Paddy Power, Cheryl Cole, Tess Daly and Elin Nordegren have recorded a huge surge in votes, as the glamorous victims of infidelity do battle for the prestigious gong.

Call them pity votes or what you will, but these stunning ladies are topping the 2010 poll for FHM’s sexiest women.

Last year’s winner Cheryl Cole, who is available at 4/11, has been a hot favourite for a long time and the break down of her marriage with footballer Ashley will not have had a huge bearing on her votes. In contrast, the extra curricular activities of Tess Daly and Elin Nordegren’s other halves have catapulted them up the list. Paddy Power have ‘sext’ victim Tess at (8/1) while newcomer Elin Nordegren is also proving a popular birdie at 14/1 with the Irish bookmaker.

Who said no good can come from cheating.


Down the years the world of poker has seen its fair share of strange prop bets. We’ve seen everything from racing a racehorse to getting tattoos of your poker opponents (see p30). The most recent one however may just beat them all.

Poker pros Phil Ivey and Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan shocked viewers of the GSN series High Stakes Poker recently when, instead of contesting a typically enormous pot, both players agreed on a vegetarian prop bet.

After long deliberation on what would ultimately be a life-changing bet, the vegetarian prop bet was agreed upon. Meat-loving Ivey would avoid eating all meat for one year for the sum of $1 million.

“I’m going to become a vegetarian for a year for a million dollars,” Ivey declared to HSP presenter Kara Scott. “I was thinking about doing it for a while, so this is kind of like an added incentive.”

If you can’t give up meat for $1 million dollars then I think it’s fair to say that you probably never will.


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