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Tawny Brie, call girl

Any column that deals with the people who make a difference to the city of Las Vegas canít be complete without meeting someone from the escort business. While there are a million and one things to do here, the city can be a magnet for young women looking to trade on their looks. Paul Sculpher meets Tawny Brie, a working girl from Sin City

Gambling: Hi Tawny, can you tell us a little about how you got into this trade in Las Vegas?

Tawny: I was born out in Lithuania, but moved with my family to Minnesota when I was three. About seven years ago I moved to Vegas, and started working as a dancer in the gentlemenís clubs. After a while the line between dancing and extra services became a little blurred, and I went to work at Sheriís, a legal brothel out over the county line. From there I enjoyed the job and wanted to move into becoming an independent escort/call girl in the city.

What are the main differences between working in the brothels and working in the city?

Well, the streetwalkers in the city have a pretty tough job, some of them with bad habits and with pimps involved. As an independent who makes all her arrangements by phone or email through my website, my life is a lot safer, plus I can make my own hours. Itís a very competitive business, with thousands of girls looking for the same business, and itís all about the sales technique and having a lot of confidence. Repeat business is very important to me, so I guess the bedroom skills come into things as well, and of course simply being a friendly person is what will keep a lot of people coming back.

In Vegas there are always stories about call girls headed out to the hotels, and then ripping customers off. Iím guessing these are exaggerated, right?

Actually, no, it goes on quite a bit. Itís a great situation for a girl whoís prepared to do it, as the robbed client generally isnít going to go to the police since thereíd be court dates and all sorts of embarrassment. In fact, when I was at Sheriís I was talking to a colleague who enthusiastically described how she stole from customers Ė it made me sick, as you can imagine, and we ended up very much avoiding each other.

So how hard do you work, how much do you charge, and do you ever get into tricky situations?

Iíve seen girls come into this business and work flat out, but that can lead to burnout after a couple of years. I ask for a minimum donation of $400 for my company, and I do other work in the movie and porn industry under a different name. I try to take a couple of days off together every week or so.

The business can lead to some difficult situations, but I am as careful as I can be. I never meet anyone for the first time without some sort of reference or an exchange of emails or phone calls, and the first thing I do when meeting someone new Ė always in a public place like a bar Ė is to see some positive ID. Itís important to me to establish identification to help with my personal safety, and also to avoid any legal complications Ė prostitution is illegal in Clark County, where Vegas is located. Having said all that, Iíve never genuinely felt in danger at work.

Whatís your life like outside of work? Do you have friends in the business, and does your job make dating difficult?

I do have friends within the business, although sometimes I have to be careful with stage names and real names, as with a wedding recently when I was maid of honour for a friend within the business, and nearly made a very awkward blunder! As for dating, lots of girls in the business approach this exactly the same way as any other person and I know plenty who are married. Iím single myself, I just find dating makes life more difficult. I just have a few Ďfriends-with-benefitsí around [not the exact expression Tawny used], both girls and guys.

And are your customers generally respectful to you?

Oh, of course. Believe it or not, Iíve never met a guy for the initial get-together in a bar and not followed through to the appointment, although you know how it goes Ė jerks are jerks in any part of life Ė and Iíve aborted meetings during the exchange of emails stage if the tone doesnít feel right. There have also been times when Iíve been speaking on the phone to guys to arrange a meeting and itís become clear that they had a little too much to drink. Besides the obvious performance problems, itís no fun for anyone if you pass out or canít remember the fun you had. You canít get repeat business from a great experience if you donít leave any memory at all!

What kind of person might be your typical client?

The truth is there is no typical client and that's a good thing. It allows me to engage genuinely and learn about what makes someone uniquely him or her. I always find something that I sincerely love and enjoy about everyone and can build on that. Some guys are lonely, some guys are shy, and some are too busy for dating and all the drama that can come with that. Some are in bad relationships and despite all efforts to reignite the Ďsizzleí, their passions are not being reciprocated. I'm the best of both worlds... I'm here when you like and, more importantly, I'm gone when you like! More than ever, a lot of couples seek me out too. A lot of people find that it re-energizes the relationship and improves the bond between them.

And what does the future hold? Youíve clearly got plenty of years ahead of you in this industry if you want them, but eventually youíll need another plan.

Well, Iíd love to end up living by the beach, and Iíd actually really like to run a B&B with a nice bar next door after my adult career is over.

One more question Ė given that clearly you operate under stage name, can you give us an idea why you chose to be named after a type of cheese?

It started ages ago Ė my first name really is Tawny, and I was given a bottle of Tawny Port. I thought it was cool that a type of drink had the same name as me, and when I discovered Brie cheese I thought it made a great name. Not too many guys make the connection!

This meeting was a fascinating insight into an industry thatís unquestionably a key part of Las Vegas. Tawny seems like a lovely girl, although of course a charming personality is part of her job. Youíd figure to a certain extent that complete fakery is difficult Ė while clothed anyway Ė and while Gambling magazine isnít really into providing referrals for illegal activities, whatís beyond question is that Tawnyís a beautiful girl with a really friendly girl-next-door personality


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