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Degree of success

Having discovered the game while studying in the town, Jamie Burlandís poker career has come full circle after he triumphed at the UKIPT Brighton

ďA home winĒ was how the man himself described it and it does seem rather fitting that a player who learnt his poker in Brighton should triumph in the townís UKIPT event. Jamie Burland honed his skills while at university on the south coast and the London professional certainly employed a degree of skill of focus as he took down the title.

A total of 259 players entered the £1,000+£100 Main Event, each hoping for a share of the £259,000 prize pool. Burland had secured his seat via a £108.50 PokerStars qualifier and ensured it would be money well spent as he battled through to an intriguing final table.

As the last eight took their places it was Texan Bill Seber who held the chip lead, with the aggressive pair of Tomas Cibak and William Beauchamp also present. The short-stacked Jonathan Campbell and fellow Englishmen Jonathan Spinks, Andy Youens and Waseem Ahmed completed the line-up.

The action was being played out at the Rendezvous Hotel and it was Campbell who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, his Kh-9h shove receiving no help on the flop as he became the first to depart the final table. Youens was next to fall little more than 20 minutes later and Ahmed followed to claim sixth.

A monster pot decided fifth place as Cibak flopped a set of nines to send Spinks to the rail. Seber then dismissed Beauchamp shortly afterwards with an ace on the river to confirm the final three.

Despite a solid effort to that point Burland actually found himself at risk, holding only 805,000 chips compared to Seberís 1,315,000 and Cibakís 1,725,000. He soon moved all-in with Ah-Tc to Seberís 9h-9c. The flop didnít offer the Londoner much, but running Aces certainly did as he gave himself a huge boost.

That loss was a massive blow to Seber and despite doubling up through Cibak shortly afterwards he was soon eliminated. A seven on the turn put the American in pole position in his final hand but a nine on the river sealed his fate.

Some gutsy heads-up play from Burland followed as he made a difficult 660,000 call on a 9d-3h-7c-Qs-8c board. Cibak mucked instantly and Burlandís Qd-8c was good. That success gave the Englishman about a 2:1 chip lead over his continental counterpart.

What proved to the final hand began with Burland raising to 105,000 from the small blind and Cibak responding with a call. A 135,000 Cibak bet on a Qs-7d-4s flop was raised to 280,000, leading to the Czech going all-in. Burland snap called and his Qh-4h held on against Cibakís 10s-8s.

Burland took home £65,400 for his efforts and also received entry to the EPT London. The delighted 25-year-old isnít done yet though. ďI think Iíll be at the rest of the UKIPTs now,Ē he revealed. ďIím definitely going to try and win the leaderboard.Ē Such confidence appears justified after this impressive victory.


1st Jamie Burland, UK, £65,400

2nd Tomas Cibak, Czech Republic, £40,100

3rd Bill Seber, USA, £24,600

4th William Beauchamp, UK, £18,100

5th John Spinks, UK, £15,000

6th Waseem Ahmed, UK, £12,400

7th Andy Youens, UK, £9,850

8th Jonathan Campbell, UK, £7,750

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