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Tracking Progress

As promised last month, this issue sees us start to follow the fortunes of two ordinary guys, Craig and Tim, as they try to make a profit using the racing tipping system TrackMate. Let’s take a look at how they’ve fared in their first few weeks

So, here I am again. I’m going to try and make money by backing horses. Impossible? Maybe, but I am going to try. I will be disciplined and treat my betting as if it were a business. I will keep records of all my bets and that way it will be possible to track all my results, win or lose, and potentially fill any leaks that might appear during the test.

As I am taking this seriously I decided to spend some time re-introducing myself to TrackMate, as it has been a while since I have used the system. It didn’t take long before it all came flooding back. It really is like riding a bike. In no time I was flying around the site. I found that by looking back over previous days’ ratings I soon spotted some pretty obvious bets that the system was flagging up. The great thing about looking back at previous days’ races is that there is no hiding the results. The ratings are there alongside the results so it is pretty easy to see how the ratings performed in a particular race.

The next thing was to decide on my betting strategy. I seem to concentrate mainly on the ‘Ruf’ part of the system, as that is where I have had the most success. I then use the stack and trend to strengthen my opinion. There is no point in backing a horse with a downward trend in its form. I will also look for strength in ‘Boris’ ratings. I always check up on these because I have noticed that every now and again these ratings throw up some big-priced winners. From what I understand these colours indicate that a horse is well handicapped at present. Of course, cherry-picking the right ones is the hard part! While I trust the TM ratings from the old days I have always liked to have a look at the form myself. I use it as a sort of filter with the intention of reducing the potential number of bets I might have in a day.

Feeling pretty confident about the system I decided to bet on a small scale initially and I started with a £100 kitty. During the test period I selected 100 horses. Quite a lot I know, but from the 100 selections I had 27 winners and 20 placed selections. Not bloody bad, if I do say so myself! My starting bank trebled to £300. That’s an incredible start and to say that I’m excited about the future is an understatement. Is this the Holy Grail?

I also intend to monitor my results with a view to implementing a system that has worked for me in the past with a great deal of success. I generally try and look for ‘value’ bets and in the past I have tried to lay my bets off in-running. This practice allows the punter to ‘green up’ a race if the selection runs well and just gets pipped on the line. A common practice, as most horseracing punters will tell you. I have found that the exchanges offer better value than the bookies and I tend to do all my betting from there now. Betfair is my choice of exchange and TM has a direct live price link to them. This exchange offers more liquidity than its rivals but there is a price to pay, as the fees are quite high for new account holders at 5% of all winning bets.

In the past I have set the prices to try and lay bets off at 2.0 (evens) for horses priced under 17.0 (16/1) and 3.0 (2/1) for horses over 17.0.

I’ll let you know how it’s all going next month. I intend to up my starting kitty to £500 now I have completed my trial run and I cant wait to start with some great racing ahead of us this summer. One of the simplest things about this system is the ease of use. The bottom line is that green and blue are best and this screenshot is the perfect example of what I mean. I backed Esuvia in this race. Not difficult is it!


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