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Ultimate fantasy

Few people are able to claim that they’ve had Torres, Drogba or Rooney in their pocket for ninety minutes but new football app Fantasy iTeam is providing that very opportunity. That, and the chance to buy, sell and manage the top talent in the land – and even win money in the process. Gareth Bracken has his tracksuit at the ready

Being able to conduct multi-million pound transfer business on the train to work or make major tactical decisions from the comfort of the living room sofa is a luxury usually only afforded to the Premier League’s top managers, but that’s all changed thanks to new fantasy football app Fantasy iTeam. Developed and released by app developers T5C, this new addition to the mobile market is already proving popular on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The main selling point of the app is its mobility, with players able to control and update their team at the touch of a button no matter where they may be. As a fantasy football fan himself, T5C director Adam Patton felt that players of such games weren’t being provided with a quality, fully-mobile product – a gap in the market that he felt was worth exploiting. “Some games had mobile sites but they were typically poor, thus the idea was born to create a fully mobile fantasy football experience,” he explains. “The application is much more involving than the usual online game, initially due to the fact you have access to the data 24/7 in the palm of your hand.”

Fully aware of the existing popularity of standard fantasy football games, Patton and his team chose not to tinker with the very basics too much. Users still choose a squad of players – in this instance up to a value of £75 million – and those selected are awarded points for goals, assists and clean sheets. The transfer system is more original, with two changes allowed at any time during each week. Players are bought and sold using a PlayerDAQ index, which Patton describes as a “stock market-style valuation system”. Another innovation is the introduction of real-time scoring, with data-gatherers collating and updating information as games are played.

As well as offering players the chance to join friends’ mini-leagues or even create their own, the app also includes a head-to-head feature where players can enter into a one-on-one battle with a fellow manager and win extra transfer funds. Patton says that this option has already been a “massive hit” with users and that the company is working on bringing real-money wagering into the equation. “We are now planning for cash betting using the player-to-player technology,” he explains. “This would take the form of one player challenging another, perhaps staking £10 that their team will score more points than their opponent’s that particular week.”

Indeed, betting is central to the future of the app, with Patton confirming that he is currently looking for a betting partner, with Betfair named as just one of the companies he’s been in conversation with. Any partnership could see in-play betting offered to users as they check their team’s progress during games, with the added potential for bets to be suggested based on the make-up of a particular player’s team.

The app is sold at a price of £1.79 for the Premier League format and 59p for a Champions League version and is proving popular so far, with around 5,000 purchased already despite minimal promotion. A free version had previously managed 10,000 downloads in its first six days. “We spent a lot of time designing and testing it and it’s the sort of experience that’s ideal for mobile,” says Patton, adding that his team is already planning an update for the new football season.

As for the future, as well as an improvement to the social networking aspect of the site, a new format is also set to be introduced – one that addresses the age-old problem encountered by those who sign up for a team but lose interest mid-way through the season. “We have a mini game in development that will allow users to pick and play whenever they want, rather than the dedication that is needed for a full season with the traditional model,” says Patton, adding: “We are also intending to introduce mini cash leagues on both a seasonal and weekly basis.” Such ambitions may be mini but the potential for such an app is clearly huge – it could be the future of fantasy football.

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