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Reasons to Holiday Cheer

Christmas is upon us once again and Danielle Almond comes through with a sleigh full of great ideas for those last-minute scramblers elbowing their way through the high streets. Good thing budget isnít an option.

Hold Your Calls

In partnership with the latest James Bond flick Quantum of Solace, Sony Ericsson is releasing the spy-themed C902, which will let you live out your secret Bond fantasies. The limited-edition version is used by Daniel Craig in the film and comes with a memory card pre loaded with 007 contentóOlga Kurylenko in the flesh, not included. The phone has a five-megapixel camera and ĎBestPicí, which allows you to take nine photos of a moving object in quick succession and then select the best one. The phone also has illuminated touch icons to make accessing its menus even easier. Get yours now because limited editions donít hang around for long.

Leica What You See?

The Leica M range has been around for almost 50 years and is being constantly developed. What makes the Leica M8.2 so desirable is its sleek retro styling that hasnít considerably changed since the first model was released in 1954. But itís not all superficial. It may look like an old workhorse, but the inside mechanics are all cutting-edge. It has 10.3 megapixels and is designed not to be over complicated, making it easier to use than most other high-end digital cameras on the market. Its ĎSí feature, for example, automatically controls the exposure, ISO speed and white balance perfectly if youíre not yet a photography guru but still want to take good photos. Not a bad investment for £3,990.

Monster Madness

Ever since Apple released their ubiquitous white ear buds, not many other headphones have been considered stylish, until now. Monster Beats are not only the new deal because of their bold, over-the-ear look but theyíre also endorsed by rap legend Dr. Dre, making them the ultimate accessory for any music lover. Trendy aside, Monster Beats are also made to deliver the highest quality sound available, with powered amplification and active noise cancelling to ensure you can take full advantage of the high quality that modern music offers. And at £270, itís time you upgraded from the masses.

Not any Old Bag

The Brady brothers started their humble business in 1877 making leather gun cases. Then in 1928, Ernest Brady started hand making bags in Birmingham. The bags quickly became popular and were worn by aristocrats, including the Sultan of Oman and the Duke of Westminster and are still known today for their high quality. However today, theyíre more likely to be found on style-conscious men rather than royalty. The bags were designed for game shooting and fishing and Brady hasnít altered the style much apart from the dimensions to fit the modern manís new essential accessoryóhis laptop. The bags are made in England with pure British leather, and the Sutherland version is a cool £175.

The One to Watch

Are you bored of a standard analogue or digital watch and looking for something unique? Although itís something youíve probably never thought about, analogue and digital watches will soon look ancient after you experience the Nooka. Using a binary interface, the Nooka provides a completely new way of telling the time. The ĎZotí model shown works with the dots signalling the hour and the horizontal bar representing the minutes. A range of styles, colours and materials are available including a much more flashy diamond-encrusted version and a glow-in-the-dark model, which was created especially for Kanye Westówho else?. Prices range from £60 to £1,700.

On Yer Bike

Receiving a shiny red bike for Christmas would take anyone back to their childhood but the Roubaix Expert is a lot more than you could ever hope to find in your stocking. Named after a French cycle race, the bike is designed to get you as far as possible with as little effort as possibleódefinitely a very good quality for a bike to have. The specialised toupe body geometry saddle is also specially designed to be one of the most comfortable on the market. (The second best quality a bike can have.) A rarity for a bike, itís both comfortable and powerful, which is justification for its £2,000 price tag.

Green Apples

This new generation of notebooks from Apple doesnít disappoint. Unsurprisingly Apple has yet again released a perfectly-formed product, which is just as stylish on the outside as it is technically innovative on the inside. The new Mac Book Pro has a more RAM, memory and a huge 320 GB2 hard drive. The Mac Book Pro is known for its graphics, making it perfect for gamers, video editors and photographers and now allows all this to be done faster then ever before. In true forward-thinking style, itís also one of the greenest apple products ever built with fewer parts and is more recyclable than any of its predecessors. Prices start from £1,399.

Dream Machine

Everyone wants to have that sweet 16 moment where a luxury car comes rolling in with a bow tied to the bonnet. Although sweet 16 may have been a while ago, you can still give yourself that magical moment this Christmas. The two-seat coupe has a 3.4-litre engine, delivers 303 horsepower and can go 0-60 in under 5 seconds. As well a delivering top performance, the Cayman S Sport is beautiful inside and out with a six-speed gear box and is slightly lower than its predecessors. With its black painted alloy wheels and air intake grilles, the Cayman S Sportís starting price is £49,890.


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