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Upstanding in the Field

The image of the classic English gentleman has certainly evolved over the years—centuries, even. But there are certain unwavering elements that withstand the test of time (and weather). Danielle Almond mixes it up in town and separates the men from the gentlemen.

One with the Road

Nothing says English gentleman more than an Aston Martin. Loved by all generations it’s harder to find a more quintessentially British brand. And the latest edition to the Martin family does not disappoint. The Aston Martin Rapide, due for release some time in 2009, is based on the DB-9, however the Rapide offers 480bhp, 30 more horses than its sibling and is 30cm longer and also slightly taller. It does 0-60 in less than five seconds and has a top speed of 180mph, in case your sensibilities want a little walk on the wild side. Under the bonnet it has a 6.0 l V12 engine more than suitable for tearing up the countryside or cruising down Bond Street.

A Smoky Toast

The Cohiba Behike is the most expensive in the world at an eye-watering £200. What’s more is that they’re only available in cases of 40, making them almost too good to smoke. But money is no object here. Named after the chief of one of Cuba’s indigenous tribes, each cigar is hand rolled and comes in a specially designed humidor. Made by the prestigious Parisian Elie Bleu, the humidor is almost as special as the cigars themselves, made from the finest materials including mother of pearl and black ebony. Made in honour of the 40th anniversary of the Cohiba brand, the tobacco recipe is still a closely guarded secret. And in a unique production process, each cigar is hand rolled by the same person, Norma, the most senior of the El Laguito cigar factory rollers.

Suited, One of a Kind

Hand- made Savile Row suits are a British institution and they are world renowned for their quality. One of the newest cloths available from Richard Anderson is the Cheviot Tweeds which are one of the most popular on both sides of the Atlantic. It takes its name from the Cheviot Hills on the border between England and Scotland, where the sheep the wool is taken from live. And the harsh weather conditions result in a dense, high-quality and hardy wool which has become very popular. One of the oldest designs available, these suits are timeless and a must for any self-respecting English gentleman.

Feast for the Face

One of the most luxurious skin-care ranges available to men is the Zirh Platinum range that uses advanced ingredient technology specifically designed with men in mind. The ingredient list reads more like a recipe with ingredients including watermelon extract grown in the Kalahari Desert, which helps protect against the breakdown of DNA caused by UV-light and pollution. Mushroom extract is also used to reduce the size of pores, as well as barley and tomato extract that mimic the top layer of skin, helping to retain moisture and improve hydration.


To add some style and sophistication to your shirt, nothing’s better than a pair of simple and classic cufflinks. Designed by Robert Tateossian, hailed as, ‘King of Cufflinks’, these exclusive wrist adornments are subtle and classy. Also designed to reflect current trends, Tateossian cufflinks are perfect for any English gentleman who wants to keep up with style. These cufflinks are sterling silver with a striped mother-of-pearl inlay and each pair is individually hand-made to the highest quality.

Braving the Elements

And you couldn’t be a completely respectable English gentleman if you didn’t have an umbrella. But not just any umbrella that buckles in the slightest gust. As one of London’s most established family-run businesses, Swaine Adeney Brigg has consistently furnished gentlemen with articles of proven quality, style and durability. This polished chestnut crook handle ‘doorman’ umbrella comes in 27- and 30-inch frames and features a metal shaft, stainless collar engraved with Prince Charles’ Royal Warrant, and mother-of-pearl button closure.


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