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The Will to Chill

Itís been an excruciating winter of record-setting cold, snow, transport meltdown and overall aggravation. But thereís a thaw in the air and with it comes the hope of warm sunshine and outdoor upgrades for the serious player.

Mow Your Place

Thereís nothing more satisfying than regaling the perfect, broad stripes on your lawn, regardless of how much actual square footage you have. But if you happen to have enough to drive around on, or if you just fancy owning a big machine, the John Deere LR 135 is your next cruiser. It may not get you the rubber-neck looks that an Aston Martin might, but it does has a V-twin-cylinder engine specially designed for both power and lower vibrations. It also has cruise control so you can mow at your own speed, while enjoying the wind (and bugs) in your hair and the smell of the freshly cut grass while you enjoy a cold beverage handily placed in the on-board cup holders. Yes, they thought of everything. It costs around £2,000 and has headlights as well so even the sun setting wonít make you have to stop clipping to your heartís content.

Hear it in the Air Tonight

These other-worldly outdoor speakers, which also double up as lights, will provide the perfect atmosphere to any summertime soirťe. The speakers provide 20 watts of light and are completely waterproof for the garden. They are available in a variety of sizes with prices ranging from £300-£500. The speakers can be mounted to any wall and connect directly to any hi-fi. There is also a taller version which can be placed directly on the ground, perfect to get the party started. Definitely a lot more stylish than a speaker hidden in a faux rock. So sneaky!

Putter Right There

You may need to take the John Deere on a few added laps for you to get the quality of a world-class putting green. But once you do, youíll be totally justified picking up the Scotty Cameron Titleist Putter. Itís is designed at a state-of-the-art Cameron Putter studio for a higher performance than any other putter. Itís made from the finest milled stainless materials with precision inlay technology for a soft yet responsive touch. All of that R&D will set you back about £175. But who cares. Thereís also more space-age technology in the elastomer cushion, which further enhances the feel and sound. Designed by Scotty himself, in the business since a teenager, the golfing brain is sought after by many professionals. So get out your bucket, keep your greens fee and perfect your touch at home.

Vehicle of Life

It may not have a steering ABS brakes, seats or sat nav, but it does have wheels and thatís enough to speak about the Weber Genesis Barbeque as a vehicleóbe it a figurative one to transport you to grilled-meat heaven. As barbecues go, it has all the features you could possibly imagine or want for that matter. It has a total of three burners and a side burner which will make some very satisfying sear lines, and is more than enough for feeding all your friends, family and nosey neighbours with all the meat they could want. Itís got a bread warmer as well to make sure your buns are kept toasty warm. All that and weíre sure youíd be prepared to spend any amount, but this will only cost £700. So chuck another slab on and drift off to the sizzling soundtrack.

Relief in the form of Beef

But a barbecue is worth less than a tin of beans if you donít have anything to put on it. Luckily there is Lucies Farm ( Itís nowhere you can visit, so leave the Wellingtons at home. Just go online and order some of the most succulent pieces of steak youíve ever tasted. With many varieties of world-renowned Kobe-style rearing blended with Scottish traditions, their pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle are fed a diet of beer and grain and are massaged three times each week. Yes, they live better than you do. So donít just invite the local riffraff to a feast. This is for special occasions, fitting for your newfound purpose to celebrate the great outdoorsówhile you can.


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