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Viva Mexico!

Spring is the ideal time to slow the clock down and head south for some much needed tropical therapy. Danielle Almond clues us in on essentials to bring to laid-back Mexico, and how to let the days blissfully slip away.

SVX Defender

To get around in Mexico, why not hire the SVX Defender from Land Rover? In celebration of its 60th birthday, Land Rover released this in contrast to their regular farming (and now more commonly city centre) favourite. Its comfortable Recaro seats are practical for driving over the rough Mexican terrain. Plus, they have built-in subwoofers. The sat-nav makes your journey a little less hectic as well. The vehicle is equipped with a 2.4-litre diesel engine, ideal for exploring off the beaten track.

Crumpler Backpack

Carry your luggage in style with in this, ‘The Famous Wine Bar’ backpack for £130 from the Australian company Crumpler. Alternatively you can take advantage of their ‘Beer for Bags’ promotions, where cash can be substituted by beer—now that’s the spirit to get into before a trip to Mexico. The company solved the age-old dilemma of how to carry both hot pizza and cold beer together. This bag, however, has a 27-litre capacity so it’ll definitely be able to hold more than you need for a quick siesta-inducing adventure. It is also ergonomically designed for comfort and has a total of six pockets and four accessory straps.

Cannon Powershot G10

Hailed as Canon’s G-series flagship, the Powershot G10 is perfect for making some memories, as you may not be able to remember them on your own steam. It costs £430 and is aimed at the advanced amateur photographer market. Its credentials boast 14.7 megapixels making it one of the highest resolution compact cameras available. It also has a 28mm wide-angel lens, a three-inch LCD screen and a Canon DIGIC image processomr designed for accurate face detection. This means the camera is clever enough to tell on timer mode when you’ve entered the shot and then take the photo. Constructed from black metal, it can withstand war-zone like conditions as well as a few grains of sand or wayward lime squeezes.

Mexican Hold ‘em Poker Board Game

To kill time while travelling, why not have a game of Mexican Hold ‘em poker? Similar to Texas Hold ‘em but with a Mexican twist, each card out of the 52 totally changes the rules of the game. (One card dictates that each player must answer a yes or no question about their hand.) So before you play you pick a card at random which lays out the new rules you’ll be playing by, a great way to add some exciting, random variation to the classic game.

Desperados Beer

The sun can beat down relentlessly in Mexico. So either find some shade or really get into the spirit with Desperados, which should liven up the party as it also contains tequila, giving it a sharp, lemony edge; certainly different to any beer you’ve tried before. You can buy it for £18 for a five-litre keg, which will involve a few of your most dedicated friends.

Canon SELPHY ES2 Compact Photo Printer

Rather that storing your pictures away on your computer and wasting their 14.7 megapixel detail, print them off on Canon’s compact photo printer, which has 16.8 million colours. Printing the photos is simple with no middle-man computer required as you can connect straight from your camera or memory disk. Uniquely the printer will add a hi-gloss finish to your prints, which Canon claims will make them last for 100 years. It also features a print cartridge holding both the paper and the ink; the printing process is then done in three different layers. It can also connect wirelessly to your mobile phone and run off batteries.

La Purificadora Hotel

When you finally want some off-road and off-beach luxury, head to the latest of Mexican hotelier Carlos Couturier’s innovative hotels. It’s is an ex-19th-century water purifying centre in the colonial city of Puebla. The hotel was designed by renowned architect Ricardo Legorreta and his son, and has a 30-metre pool and 26 guest bedrooms with views of the city. It also has a large wine cellar, in case the mood strikes you.


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