Is a Live Dealer Casino Best?

Some online casinos have the option of getting a live dealer. This is where there is a camera on a person who will deal and play the cards live. They will normally have a way of proving that it is happening live. There are some people that really prefer this, but why might this be and is it the best thing for you?

Can see they are not Cheating

By seeing the person that is dealing and playing the cards or the roulette wheel you can watch them and make sure that they are not cheating. It can be easy to think that an online casino is cheating because you cannot see what is going on. Often the games are all computerised and therefore you may think that there is a bigger potential for them to cheat you. However, if you can see the dealer or croupier and watch what they are doing, then you can be more confident that they are not cheating. It is worth noting though that it is extremely unlikely that casinos will be cheating, even if they are not live. It is not in their interest to do that and the games they offer are always set up to allow the player to win sometimes but for the casino to win more. 

Add a more real atmosphere

Having a dealer there will add a better atmosphere to the game. It will feel more real and you will perhaps feel more excitement and fun when you are playing. Of course, it will not be the same as being in a real casino, but if you cannot get to one or if you are playing at a time when it is not convenient for you to get to one, then this can be a good alternative. It can feel more like the real thing than looking at pixel art playing cards and you might find that it means that the game is more fun for you when you play it this way. You will also be playing against other people and that could be more fun, you may even be able to chat as you play. Compared with playing against a computer it can be a lot better. 

Not Everyone Offers This

It is worth noting that not all online casinos will offer this and therefore you will need to think about whether it is better to go to one that offers it or not. It is good to think about everything that you are looking for from a casino such as the odds of winning, the type of games they offer and things like that. Make sure that if you are looking at those with a live dealer, that they also have everything else that you are looking for. You may need to trade off some of the things you want and it is therefore good to prioritise those items and then you will be able to work out which you really need and which you can manage without.